Product Portfolio Management

A diverse product portfolio can sustain a business if you find the exact balance between strategy, product development, and revenue.
Which products should we keep? Develop? Retire? What’s happening on a market level? How do we know what's going on across different ways of working? Can we optimize ROI for our Product Portfolio?
The answers to all these and even more questions are only one click away with our solution.

Align product portfolio and strategy

A strong product portfolio isn’t just about immediate revenue. It should align with and move the organizational strategy forward. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) create easy-to-understand objectives with key results that make sense for the individual department. Not only do OKRs ensure that specific initiatives align with strategy, they’re also a great communication tool.

In Power PPM, you can:

- Define OKRs.
- Assign ownership.
- Monitor progress and flag risks.
- Evaluate portfolios, initiatives, and projects against your OKRs.

Rank, sort, and select ideas

The product portfolio should always be growing and changing to meet market demand. An idea matrix lets you rank, sort, and select ideas for further development. Keep a backlog of potential products with our Kanban board that lets you see the immediate impact of moving ideas into production with both cost and benefit roll-ups.

Templates and work packages

Accelerate your product development with project templates for the entire organization or work packages for common projects and processes. You can also use AI to get suggestions for project planning or define work in specific stages.

Get the most out of your resources

Scheduling resources where they provide the most value can help speed up time to market and improve the quality of products.

With Team Planner, you get an advanced resource capacity demand management system that allows you to request and allocate resources. Avoid bottlenecks with the resource heatmap that shows you the distribution of people and resources.

Keep your teams connected

Giving people the freedom to work the way they want requires a solution that can capture data from multiple sources. In Power PPM, you can get data from multiple sources, such as Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Azure DevOps. So, you’ll get the data, in real time, to manage progress and identify roadblocks.

See progress at a glance

Executing your product portfolio requires a clear plan. Visualize your product and strategic roadmaps to manage dependencies. Keep track of progress with Gantt charts that can be customized and tailored to support enterprise-level control, including the overall user experience and visualization. You can track cross-project progress in real time.

Finally, you can generate status reports with real-time data in Power BI or with our interactive Portfolio dashboards.
“Power PPM ensures a unified portfolio overview and simple access to company-wide portfolio reporting – in a modern wrapping and utilizing the best of the Microsoft platform”
“We are looking forward to getting an even better data quality surrounding our initiatives, as well as benefit-tracking, and then use it to aggregate it to portfolio level. This will give us an even better foundation for decision making.”
“Power ppm really is an amazing tool that provides an overview at any given time. The different ways of sorting, filtering, and making your own columns help a lot when we’re going through project statuses at team meetings”
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