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Feel free to drop a line if you are someone we don't even know we need - that's our favorite kind of people!
The foundation of a healthy organization relies on a strong sense of togetherness.
That is why we create opportunities to come together both personally and professionally. Whether it is level-ups and training or fine dining and go-carting, we do things together.
Where we are and how we present ourselves contribute to creating an environment that inspires and motivates people to do more and better.
We want to ooze creativity: in our offices, in our people, how we take care of mental and physical health, the food we eat, the activities we do, and what we wear.

We believe that you're not just what you wear but where you are.
The first step to excellence is a healthy work culture. Happy people just work better - in every way.

We work hard to make sure that we give recognition and feedback in a safe and positive environment.

This results in a culture brimming with freedom and flexibility to challenge conventional thinking and step outside the box.
“I used to think I hated jobs - and then I met Projectum. I always got bored really easily, but here, I get to define my own role, so I never run out of ways to grow and things to learn."
"I always want to deliver top-class solutions that solve customer problems in Project Management with the right people and a good atmosphere.
At Projectum, I found such people: innovative experts who still care for each other. And we make great software, solutions, and implementations."
"What I love about working at Projectum is the flexibility. As a new father to twins, that's very important right now!"

A part of the digital neighborhood

In January 2021, Projectum was acquired by The Digital Neighborhood.

The Digital Neighborhood is Europe's fastest-growing tech movement. We're more than a thousand experts connected in a community of 13 independent companies... and counting.

Together, we're focused on the latest Microsoft products and services. Whether it's data, applications, cloud infrastructure, business intelligence - or something in between - we've got you covered.

Our hiring process


Teams meeting
We say hi on a quick Teams meeting to get a sense of each other and give an introduction to Projectum.


In person
We meet up in person for a cup of coffee and a chat about your area of expertise - and anything you want to know about us.


It's not just about the work you do - it's who you are. We always want to make sure that you like us and feel like you could fit in.


You start your first day with breakfast and a buddy. Your buddy is there to answer any questions you might have as we introduce you to all the areas of Projectum.

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