Power Platform

With the PowerPlatform, anyone can create their own tailormade solutions, automate processes,and analyze data.

Power Platform

What is the Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform that let's anyone create scalable business applications - whether you know how to code or not.
No one knows better than you what your organization needs. On the Power platform you can build and design reports with Power BI, create automations with Power Automate. and even build your own AI chatbots with Microsoft Copilot Studio.

POWER APPS: Build your own apps without the hassle

Power Apps is a platform that lets you create, run, and manage business applications. Power Apps takes care of building and maintaining the infrastructure, so you can focus on the value you want to create.
With the Power Apps platform you use prebuilt templates or drag and drop the elements you need.
Connect your business application and connect it to other system applications and databases - Power Apps makes sure it's standardized so you get the full value.

POWER AUTOMATE: Stay up to date

Power Automate is the engine behind the scenes moving data, sending notifications, and ensuring performance.
The major advantage is that it lets you automate repetitive tasks by setting up automated workflows between different apps and services. To make it even easier, Power Automate has pre-built actions, templates, and an AI builder to speed up your development processes.

POWER BI: use data to reach your business goals

Build interactive dashboards that allow you to get a high-level overview, plus drill down into detailed data with Power BI.

- transform complex datasets into manageable and user-friendly reports.
- create reporting within specific business areas
- build and maintain beautiful and reliable reports

Get started with the Power Platform

Projectum offers consulting and development for creating custom Canvas and Model-driven apps. We can build your work processes for you or help you get started on your own.
Whatever it takes to achieve your business goals, we’ll help you get there.
“Projectum has become our preferred Power Apps partner. They are known for building world-class add-ins that fill gaps in the marketplace and enhance the Power Platform, while also allowing our users to be far more productive.”
"Power PPM is a great tool letting us manage the entire lifecycle of projects in our company"
- IT Manager - Healthcare and Biotech

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