The digital neighborhood

The Digital Neighborhood is a connected community of 11 independent tech companies. Focused on Microsoft products, the group specializes in data, apps, the cloud, and business intelligence.

In January 2021, Projectum was acquired by The Digital Neighborhood

Creating digital solutions in the neighborhood

The Digital Neighborhood means that Projectum is always connected to the best and brightest within Microsoft Technologies, covering data, apps, the cloud, and business intelligence.

All proudly independent.
All seamlessly connected.

The Digital Neighborhood is a growing network that gets the best of both worlds. All companies in The Digital Neighborhood keep the entrepreneurial fire that makes them unique while have acess to top-shelf knowledge in related fields.

This independent spirit is important because it lets us explore new horizons while forging close, personal relationships with all our customers.

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Working both independently and together, we solve all kinds of digital challenges.
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Data Science and Business Intelligence
Unleashing your (Big) data's potential, from architecture setup to deep analysis, forecasting, and actionable insights
Data Science and Business Intelligence
Creating intelligent, insight-led businesses by helping you understand the true value of your data
Data Science and Business Intelligence
Help you make the most of your date with advanced data science technology such as predictive analysis
Business Management Solutions
Supporting Microsoft Dynamics Customers in your cloud and business application journey.
Business Management Solutions
Solving your ERP challenges while focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&O)
Cloud Consultancy & App development
Helping you make a "smooth" journey towards fully embracing cloud technology
Cloud Consultancy & App development
Simplifying how you execute complex programs in the project portfolio management space
Cloud Consultancy & App development
Supporting you in creating and maintaining bespoke cloud-based applications
Cloud Consultancy & App development
Consulting for you to realize your ambitions across the entire Microsoft cloud spectrum
Cloud infrastructure & Security
Helping both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions
Cloud infrastructure & Security
Scaling your ambitions through managed hosting and cutting-edge cloud tech
Cloud infrastructure & Security
Helping you realize your modern workplace ambitions, while "making IT personal"

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