manage complexity in Energy

The energy industry is large and complex, running projects across stakeholders with tough resource constraints. If you don't keep an eye on rules and regulations, you risk nasty surprises and costly delays. Power PPM keeps you on top of the complexity, delivering insights and simplicity that get you the right results.

How we help the Energy Industry PMO

Assess feasibility of each project in terms of technical viability, cost, time and resource requirements.

Work with OKR’s to ensure that each project aligns with the company’s overall strategy and vision, and supports its long-term goals.

Manage regulatory, market, and operational risks through comprehensive risk management

“Now, we can work smarter and reduce time on the manual processes – with a certain automation level – because of the ease of filling in data in Power PPM and Time for Teams.”
“Time for Teams is a simple way for our users to log time and a useful tool for managers to make more informed resource allocation decisions.”
“Power ppm really is an amazing tool that provides an overview at any given time. The different ways of sorting, filtering, and making your own columns help a lot when we’re going through project statuses at team meetings”

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"Power PPM is a great tool letting us manage the entire lifecycle of projects in our company"
- IT Manager - Healthcare and Biotech

How Vattenfall uses Projectum's Power PPM

Vattenfall is a European energy company with approximately 20,000 employees. For more than 100 years Vattenfall has electrified industries, supplied energy to people’s homes, and modernized ways of living through innovation and cooperation.

Our solutions for the Energy Sector

Stay on top of details
with Power PPM.

Turn your processes into information. From ideation to evaluation, Power PPM is an enterprise-level solution that lets you align with business strategy and get quick, customizable insights, all while synced with real-time data.
Power PPM gives you clear visibility into project-related data, such as project status, resource allocation, and budget utilization.

Track resources with
Team Planner.

Manage resource capacity and demand, request and allocate resources, and get valuable insights with reporting across various projects.

get insights with
Time for teams.

Time for Teams makes time registration easy. It’s simple to submit your timesheets, find relevant projects, and capture insights with advanced reporting possibilities.

get value from your data with Power hub.

Power Hub sets you up for better insights, robust data management, and cooler reports. The Historical Data feature means you can grab a snapshot of your data from any point in time or restore lost data.

simulate and forecast with What if.

Balance and prioritize your portfolios according to resources, strategy, or finances with What If Simulation.

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