Accelerate your OKR implementation with Microsoft viva goals.

Viva Goals helps you set goals and manage the progress across teams. Let your organization's strategy drive your results and make your business thrive.

Viva Goals features

Introducing viva goals

Viva Goals is the Microsoft solution for creating, managing, aligning, and customizing your OKR workflows.

With Viva Goals, you can:

- Use OKR templates and automated check-ins

- Boost your business rhythms with OKRs using a shared dashboard and advanced insights

- Connect work to outcomes with deep integrations to tasks and projects

- Increase collaboration and meeting effectiveness with advanced OKR configurations using customizable weights and scoring guidance

Set up your objectives

- Set up company or team-based objectives
- Add owners and delegates
- Measure towards 100% completion
- See automatic progress reporting from key results
- Cascade objectives for large deployments

Work with key results

- Create company or team-based key results
- Connect to teams or individuals
- Configure metrics, baseline and target
- Check-in on fixed intervals for manual update
- Automated updates from conections e.g. to devops

Manage your projects

- Create projects and tasks (checklists)
- Link to multiple objectives and key results
- Link to teams and individuals
- Make specific people owners

Overview with dashboards and widgets

- Create custom dashboards
- Configure widgets and dashboard zones
- Share with stakeholders
- Run dashboards in presentation mode
- Heatmaps for historic update of key results

Teams & rhythm

- Create organizational breakdown structure
- Configure update rythm per team
- Define your security model
- Add members of each team

At Projectum, we love driving strategy

Getting started with OKRs and Viva Goals, isn't easy. That's why we have dedicated people that live and breathe OKRs. How do you know if your objectives are good? How do you know if you're tracking the right things? How do you ensure long-term follow-up?

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“Now, we can work smarter and reduce time on the manual processes – with a certain automation level – because of the ease of filling in data in Power PPM and Time for Teams.”
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