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Making companies achieve their goals since 2004

What we believe

Unaligned organizations are uncool – without a clear strategy and a common goal, nobody knows what they’re doing.

That’s why Projectum creates solutions for the PMO that lets you create strategy and stay on top of execution.

Our product suite is an end-to-end enterprise solution that creates one source of truth for the entire organization. With Projectum, you get a strategic and project portfolio management solution that makes it clear what’s happening and where. It provides value to the PMO, the CxOs, and the different departments – no matter how you prefer to work.

Our solutions are optimized for Microsoft-based organizations with lots of opportunities to tailor and adapt to your processes and industry-specific needs.

We cover the entirety of strategy, from ideation to portfolio balancing to project management reporting and analytics. So, you can always make the best decisions based on real-time data.

With Projectum, you can connect business strategy to execution.

That’s how we think it’s cool to be a business.

We don’t work for you - We work with you.

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We have almost 70 people at Projectum with a combined more than 100 years of experience in PPM.

Our values


We believe it’s better to do things together


We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


We take chances and try things that no one else has done before.


We always want to be doing the latest in technology – and a step beyond that.

Meet the people of Projectum

Antonio Escobar Gómez de Rivera
PPM Service & Support Consultant
"When I work with customers, it becomes a partnership.
You get the sense that we’re both learning and growing and that’s what makes all the difference."
Andreas Rud
"Projectum is all about development. Company development, personal growth, seeing the people around me change, some change I help facilitate, and some of it I’m just lucky to witness."
Monica Sabroe
"At the end of the day, we're keeping it real.
Of course, we're building something cool and making a difference with our products and services. But it's only possible because we're 100% real."
Simon Brandstrup Sørensen
Product Owner, Power PPM
"User adoption is the cornerstone of success; it's the driving force behind my efforts at Projectum.
Without it, technology doesn't deliver any value.
At Projectum, I get to innovate while staying connected to how our customers use it. This fuels my motivation because I'm crafting solutions that genuinely make a difference in people's lives."
Erik van Hurck
Senior PPM Consultant & Microsoft MVP
"Working at Projectum allows me to create cutting-edge software solutions with visionary colleagues. Together we're always aiming for success.
My mantra is to provide solutions that will last, long after I've completed the project."
Cecilie Monrad
Senior Consultant & Resource Management Specialist
Resource management, at it's core is about keeping people happy. Happy people are more creative and have the energy to think outside the box.  Great resource management gives people the tools to take control of their time and tasks.
At Projectum, I get to give people these tools every day. I feel like I make a real difference.

Better connected in the Digital Neighborhood

In January 2021, Projectum was acquired by The Digital Neighborhood.

The Digital Neighborhood is a connected community of 11 independent tech companies. Focused on Microsoft products, the group specializes in data, apps, the cloud, and business intelligence.

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