Create a stronger business with Microsoft planner.

Microsoft Planner creates a unified work experience, from individual task management to enterprise and professional project management.

Microsoft Planner

ABOUT Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a project management software made for project managers so they can plan and control their projects. Microsoft Planner lets you plan projects, assign tasks, manage resources, and provide a portfolio overview for the PMO.

Microsoft Planner is made to support basic program and portfolio management capabilities. If you have more complex needs, Power PPM might be for you.

Copilot in planner

With the power of Generative AI, Copilot streamlines the planning, management, and execution while keeping you informed.

Flexible planning

Create new plans with templates and set project goals at the organization, team, or project level.

Make planning clear

Add goals to your plan and connect them to tasks to create a clear overview of ownership and progress.

People overview

Connect people to tasks, manage projects, and get an overview of progress.


Are you looking for a new solution to get a modern PPM experience? This video demonstrates how easy it can be to migrate data from Project Online to Power PPM, which allows for the same capabilities as you have been used to and, on top of this enhances your project and portfolio management.

Are you ready to migrate your data from Project Online? Reach out to our sales team today and learn how we can help you with a smooth transition to ensure that none of your data nor projects are lost or discontinued.
“Projectum has become our preferred Power Apps partner. They are known for building world-class add-ins that fill gaps in the marketplace and enhance the Power Platform, while also allowing our users to be far more productive.”
"Power PPM is a great tool letting us manage the entire lifecycle of projects in our company"
- IT Manager - Healthcare and Biotech

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