Strategic portfolio Management where strategy meets impact

It’s a balancing act.

You’ve got a limited amount of time, resources, and capacity. Strategic Portfolio Management is about finding the best combination to get a short-term return on investment and long-term strategic alignment.

It’s a balancing act that you can do.
Define strategy – then connect everything to it.

Strategic portfolio management is all about getting clear on your organization’s strategy.

- Identifying your goals
- Setting your objectives
- Sorting your priorities

Frameworks like OKRs and KPIs can help you. Strategy is not a one-and-done; it’s part of every stage. Strategy influences your decisions, such as which projects or initiatives to run. These will then create results that will affect your strategy going forward. A good SPM solution lets you keep your strategy front and center through every part of the chain so people know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and if they’re fulfilling the purpose.

In Power PPM, you can manage the project and business case from one central location. Everything can run according to your OKR framework, linking projects, initiatives, and more to specific Objectives and Key results.

Make the right decisions: Balancing your portfolio

Choosing the right projects and programs that align with your strategy is a delicate exercise. The outcome of different combinations can be tricky to pin down, and it’s an art to find the right balance between fulfilling the long-term strategy and securing a sustainable return on investment.

With What If, you can test out different scenarios to see how they fit your strategy, their potential value, and their resource requirements. By balancing your portfolio, you can ensure that you are investing your resources in the right projects and programs that advance your strategy while ensuring there are enough resources and the right people available for the job.

Collect all project details in one place

As your projects and initiatives get going, the advantage of managing the project and its business case from one central location becomes clear. You’ll always know what’s going on when you can connect critical project data from the timeline together with key information on risks, issues, KPIs, financials, and stakeholders.

Project Managers stay on top of business processes, gate governance, and checklists – and it becomes clear where action should be taken to ensure long-term success.

Stay on top of Capacity Management

Too often, resources are a bottleneck that can be difficult to get around. It’s all about allocating resources to the projects and programs that will deliver the most value. You also need to monitor your resource use to know you’re staying within your budget. Last but not least, your employees are precious resources that should always have enough time to do a good job.

With Team Planner, you can manage your capacity on a strategic level to see the distribution and make sure you get the full value of your capacity. Identify bottlenecks with the resource heatmap – and mitigate them in time.

Identifying risks, mitigating risks, living with risks

Real strategy is all about risks. If you don’t have any risks, it’s probably not worth doing. That’s no reason to go in blind. Being aware of risks, defining the level of risks, and attaching mitigations, such as diversifying your portfolio, keeps the organization agile when it comes to change and ensures that the strategy actually provides long-term value.

Show me the money: staying on top of finances

There’s no business without money, so of course, you should be on top of budgeting, financial forecasting, and reporting.

Power PPM includes rich financial grids that can be configured to fit advanced financial budgeting and forecasting requirements. The financial grid calculates ETC and EAC in real- time, allowing for row-based commenting and custom configuration of the breakdown structure with up to three levels.

Project Managers can quickly create cost plan versions for easy comparison of data changes over time. Applied to a higher level, roles such as Program Managers can see the combined financial situation across projects and in real time.

Let people do the work – the way they want to

Strategic Portfolio Management keeps its eye on strategy. There’s no need to dive into the nitty-gritty of processes: what you need is information on how things are progressing in terms of results and the alignment to strategy.

That’s why Power PPM allows people to work the way they want, connecting to multiple different sources. For example, teams can update progress on all work items, such as tasks and risks while the Project Manager gets data and reports in Power PPM.

This keeps everybody happy: no one has to adhere to processes or tools that don’t work for them, and strategy is still front and center.

Getting AI with it

AI is an invaluable tool in SPM, it can help at any part of the process. It’s a communication tool, a shortcut when planning, and an opportunity for leveraging experiences and patterns outside the organizations, for example, when it comes to risks. Finally, AI can analyze large amounts of data, and – done right – it can find patterns in your data that you might otherwise miss.

What’s going on? Put it in a report

Whether it’s status reporting, financial reports, risk, or resource reports, the best reporting looks not just at where you are but how you got there, collecting historical data and learning from your processes.
Continuous evaluation and reporting are what allow you to know how your strategy is going.
“Power PPM ensures a unified portfolio overview and simple access to company-wide portfolio reporting – in a modern wrapping and utilizing the best of the Microsoft platform”
“We are looking forward to getting an even better data quality surrounding our initiatives, as well as benefit-tracking, and then use it to aggregate it to portfolio level. This will give us an even better foundation for decision making.”
“Power PPM really is an amazing tool that provides an overview at any given time. The different ways of sorting, filtering, and making your own columns help a lot when we’re going through project statuses at team meetings.”
Success stories by industry leaders

The Power PPM run-through

This video takes you through one way to use Power PPM, from creating a project, activating AI, following up on projects, and generating reports. It's the best enterprise solution for the PMO because it's flexible and customizable - and robust.

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