Power PPM integrates with microsoft planner, copilot and much more

Portfolio management
with power ppm.

Turn your processes into information. From ideation to evaluation, Power PPM is an enterprise-level solution that covers all strategic project and portfolio management processes.

A Strategic Portfolio Management solution that grows with you

Manage and streamline processes across the organization. And if you grow, Power PPM grows with you. It’s customizable all the way.

Evaluate ideas and project intake against your strategy, monitor results, and evaluate projects and processes with our built-in KPI or OKR feature.

No more silos, you’ve got the full picture Power PPM integrates with multiple sources, so all your data is in one place - updated in real-time

Key features

Interactive Portfolio Overview

Visualize your progress on any level. Power PPM is fully customizable to capture your process and collect and manage all the project details in one central location.

Connect critical project data from the timeline with key information on risks, issues, KPIs, financials, and stakeholders.

Project Managers stay on top of business processes, gate governance, and checklists.

Roadmaps and Kanban Responsive portfolio overview

Streamline planning and execution and get immediate feedback on the consequences – what happens if you move this project up or delay this initiative? Get insight into the finances and workload with our smart Kanban board. Or drill into dependencies with our roadmap feature – see the connections between projects and jump straight to your selection.

Track OKRs

Define your strategy and create actionable measurable goals. With OKRs you can align your strategy with your execution and keep a running update on how you’re doing.

Risk & idea matrixes

Manage risks and ideas with interactive matrices. Rank and sort your risks and ideas in customizable matrices and add notes and details to provide important details.

Start from ai

AI is fully integrated into Power PPM, from customizable chatbots to AI-generated timelines, risks, and status reports. Explain your initiative and scenario and get an AI-assisted project plan, including WBS and duration: ready for you to start working.

Manage finances on every level

There’s no project without finance. Power PPM has advanced financial features, like financial grids, that can be configured to fit financial budgeting and forecasting requirements.

The financial grid calculates ETC and EAC in real-time, allowing for row-based commenting and custom configuration of the breakdown structure with up to three levels. If you are a project manager, you can create cost plan versions for comparison of data changes over time.

On a higher level, you can see the combined financial situation across projects in real-time.

Monitor progress in real-time with standard reports & dashboards

Always know what is going on with real-time updated reports and dashboards. Track your data, highlight changes, and monitor projects in one view with our standard reports, or create a custom dashboard to fit your strategy.

Need more? We also have:

Great resource management
A strong data platform
Beautiful One-Click reporting
The fastest time registration tool

How Nordea uses Projectum's Power PPM

Working smarter through better PPM capabilities and timesheeting. When Projectum first met Nordea, the challenge presented was that their PPM solution for time reporting and PPM matters was costly in software licenses, lacking user-friendliness and integration capabilities.
"Power PPM is a great tool letting us manage the entire lifecycle of projects in our company"
- IT Manager - Healthcare and Biotech

Create a productivity boost with your own custom, intelligent chatbots for your organization.

A custom chatbot can answer your employee’s questions with company guidelines that you define. It can help create projects, remind you of important steps, and assist in the analysis of results.

Your imagination truly is the limit with custom AI chat on your data.
"Projectum is a leader in portfolio and project management software. They are pioneering how modern applications should be build on top of Power Platform. Using a compelling combination of Microsoft built copilot experiences and custom AI built capabilities using AI Builder, Projectum is delivering to its customers an in-context and just-in-time AI experience in everyday project management workflows. They have created a perfect example of how modern intelligent applications should be built, by keeping customer value at the center of everything."

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