From start-up to streamlined enterprise with Power PPM

About All Space

All.Space is a UK startup developing a multi-beam, multi-orbitsatellite terminal to improve communication.

The challenge

All.Space was a classic startup. They had been running projects for some time, but the management was distributed between Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, and Excel. There was no commonality of methodology, no overview of the resource pool and it became difficult to scale.

So, it was necessary to find a solution that could streamline the organization and create processes that could handle growth and ensure stable delivery to large clients.

Simon Keyes
Transformation Director
“With Power PPM, we’re able to have everything natively in one tool: manage resources, resource requests, timeline, budget and then report on it through Power BI.”

The solution chose Power PPM because it was a stable solution with a lot of built-in PPM knowledge and processes.

“Power PPM allowed us to leverage a lot of knowledge that other users have developed.”

One of the starting principles was that All.Space wanted to use their PPM tool out of the box – with no customizing.

With Projectum, they were able to work backward from some of the best practices incorporated in Power PPM and Team Planner and use them in the organization. This made it easier to define the roles and give project managers what they needed.

“Power PPM hits the sweet spot for what we need.”

For example, with Team Planner, All.Space changed the way they allocated people to projects. Rather than requesting a certain individual in Team Planner, they requested roles. This meant that it was easier to develop talent, and the work was more evenly distributed.

Configurability rather than customization

Implementation was a co-creation process between Projectum and All.Space. Whenever All.Space had a request for the configuration in terms of process, they valued  Projectum’s suggestions and feedback. This joint process resulted in a solution that both honors best practices as well as fulfilling All.Space’s true needs.

“My favorite thing about Power PPM is that you can take non-project managers and show them all the things it can do for them - based on minimal input - and they always go ‘wow, this is really powerful stuff’.”

Simplifying and creating processes with Work packages

All.Space was especially in need of streamlining and simplifying workflows.

For example, All.Space has complex, expensive equipment that they use for customer demos. Being able to use Team Planner to allocate the use has made it much easier.

In Power PPM, they’ve created work packages for customer demos that detail the steps. So, whenever someone is doing a demonstration, they create a project based on the work package, tweak it to their needs, and apply the resources to run the project.

“The thing that really attracted me to Power PPM is the way that it’s all integrated. It makes it a lot easier to run multiple projects with a shared resource pool.”

They created the work package by examining multiple customer demos and optimizing it to build a model that worked for everyone.

“We genuinely could not have done it in the time we had without Projectum and Power PPM.”

From 4 week plans to four years planning: Future

Using Projectum products has taken All.Space from being able to plan 4 weeks ahead to creating long-term planning for up to four years.

Still, they’re working on a Jira integration and they’ve been really inspired by how Projectum works with Power PPM and DevOps.

Finally, they see a massive potential in What If as a way of having a consistent way of looking at the optimum – that’s a lot better than spreadsheets.

They’re looking forward to working more with Projectum.

“Projectum has been flexible but they’ve kept us on the straight and narrow. Everyone we’ve worked with has been super keen. It’s been a real pleasure.”

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