Get the best Of both worlds with Hybrid Portfolio Management

Most organizations today deliver software as well as physical projects, handle logistics, and report financials. Rather than try to squish them into one common process that satisfies no one, Hybrid Portfolio Management is all the rage.

A PPM solution that can capture information from multiple ways of working gives everyone what they want. People get the freedom to work the way they want without compromising information and data for the strategic level.
How do I manage agile and traditional projects that are dependent on each other? How do we plan a strategy that can align different ways of working? How do we track and integrate data into reports? Which stages and gates must be followed?
The answers to all these and even more questions are only one click away with our solution.

Hybrid Portfolio Management model

With OKRs, you can assess ideas and include them in your roadmap. On the strategic and long-term level, you’re looking at epics. These are then handed over to agile teams that break them into user stories or individual features. The features are managed at an agile level, with the progress connected to the overall status.

Reporting takes place across the solution, giving both an immediate insight as well as the possibility to drill down into data.

Aligning the organization with OKRs

Good portfolio management bridges the gap between strategy and implementation. An agile team will struggle to align their workflow with a waterfall or stage-gate team, yet they still work within the same organization or maybe even within the same portfolio. The solution is to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to create easy-to-understand objectives with key results that make sense for the individual department. You can measure your ideas against OKRs and then include them in your roadmap.

In Power PPM, you can:

- Define OKRs.
- Assign ownership.
- Monitor progress and flag risks.
- Evaluate portfolios, initiatives, and projects against your OKRs.

Visualize and create your strategy with a Portfolio View

Managing your portfolios and ensuring the delivery of strategic objectives becomes easier with a portfolio overview that includes:

- Programs
- Projects
- Initiatives

Balance your investments while staying on top of the overall execution roadmap, financial consumption, risks, and much more.

Keep project information in one place

Hybrid Portfolio Management makes it essential to know where your information is – and that it’s updated.

Power PPM lets you connect critical project data from the timeline to key information on risks, issues, KPIs, finances, and stakeholders.

Work the way you want – in the tool you want

Giving people the freedom to work the way they want requires a solution that can capture data from multiple sources.

For example, you can keep collaboration in Microsoft Teams, where they can update progress on all work items, such as tasks and risks, while the project manager can stay on top from within Power PPM. This approach ensures the best role-based user experience.
"The only way is data"

Data-driven decision-making with advanced reporting.

Data provides bigger, clearer patterns than what one person or a team can analyze and extract from the organization. Historical data, along with AI, can provide insights and intelligence so you can learn from the past and prepare for the future.

Power Hub advances your reporting by providing:

- Real-time reporting and direct querying.
- Snapshots from any point in time.
- The ability to restore deleted or lost data.
- A self-maintaining data structure that updates when new fields or properties are added in your PPM solution.

Manage your finances on all PPM levels

Hybrid Portfolio Management requires being able to handle multiple financial models in one.

Power PPM includes rich financial grids that can be configured to fit advanced financial budgeting and forecasting requirements. The financial grid calculates ETC and EAC in real- time, allowing for row-based commenting and custom configuration of the breakdown structure with up to three levels.

Project managers can quickly create cost plan versions for easy comparison of data changes over time. When applied to a higher level, roles such as program managers can see the combined financial situation across projects in real time.
“Power PPM ensures a unified portfolio overview and simple access to company-wide portfolio reporting – in a modern wrapping and utilizing the best of the Microsoft platform”
“We are looking forward to getting an even better data quality surrounding our initiatives, as well as benefit-tracking, and then use it to aggregate it to portfolio level. This will give us an even better foundation for decision making.”
“Power ppm really is an amazing tool that provides an overview at any given time. The different ways of sorting, filtering, and making your own columns help a lot when we’re going through project statuses at team meetings”
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