Wave 2: New features in Projectum Products

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Mathilde Hoeg
Digital Communications Manager

For this wave, the focus has been on ensuring that PPM can evolve and grow with the organization, becoming more strategic and more flexible. Projectum products have the elements you need and the possibility to configure and combine elements of the project and portfolio management disciplines – with all the advantages of AI capabilities.

Power PPM is your end-to-end strategic PMO solution, built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Power PPM is designed to give organizations an overview of their initiatives, programs, and portfolios, as well as handle risk management, stakeholder engagement, financials, and more.

- Multiple financial structures: making it more flexible to set up financial grids with an unlimited number of configurations

- Default UI settings on financials: ensuring a consistent user experience for new users

- Column selector: users can now select which columns should be visible on a roadmap

- Closer integration with Team Planner (preview): request generic resources straight from the Power Gantt.

- Calculate cost with units (preview): set up different types of units to easily calculate the cost of e.g. resource types.

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- Add resources to projects or contracts in Project Planner: this allows Line Managers to work centralized from one view and get all the necessary information.

- Work with category resources without a request

- Resource plan integration (preview): Gantt integration and resource list.

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  • Project Manager approval view (preview): Approve hours on task level, project level, or person level.
  • Native Active Synchronization (Preview): synchronization to external systems happens as soon as you input your time.
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What If is our Portfolio simulation tool that allows you to balance portfolios according to budget, strategy, and resources.

- Support for Fiscal years: Configure your fiscal year in the financial grid or pull it directly from Power PPM

Power Hub is a data platform designed for enterprise analytics. It sets you up for reporting, advanced analytics, snapshots, and historical trends. It's unique because it lets you generate a snapshot of your data from any current or past point in time.

  • Improved UI with clearer instructions and more intuitive navigation
  • Link SQL schemas to Power Hub and manage access via the Power Hub
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With Present It, you can build scheduled, automated, or manual flows to create any type of standardized status report directly in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, using real-time data.

  • Standard report templates on Power Hub data: significantly reduce the runtime to create reports with Present It and create reports with preconfigured elements, such as financials, KPIs, milestones, resource data, and more.
  • Connect to Present It template data in Power Hub upon installation.
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Mathilde Hoeg
Digital Communications Manager

With a background in IT and Project Management, the one thing that really stuck is her love for communication. She helps tell the Projectum story, sharing how our products can improve processes in your organization.

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