Data Management
with Power hub.

Power Hub is a centralized database designed to be your data foundation for advanced analytics and reporting. With historical data, Power Hub sets you up for better insights, robust data management, and cooler reports.

The coolest data platform in town

Retrieve historical data to create snapshots from any point in time.

Real-time reporting in Power BI and more efficient query runs through Direct Query and Azure SQL Database.

Import data from other sources to complete your data foundation. Integrates with Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft DevOps, and Projectum products.

With Power Hub, you get more value from your data because it can be easily retrieved in the right format for the relevant role.

Key features

Get advanced logic and calculations

Optimize your performance by setting up business rules with business analytics tools, like Power BI, while reducing resource-consuming calculations and logic in the front-end layer. Power Hub captures data and makes it available in a well structured and easy-to-use manner.

Historical data for advanced possibilities

Power Hub creates a record of all your data – any changes are recorded and stored, giving you unique control and insight. Create detailed reports that include historical data or retrieve lost data from any point in time.

Full control of security and system health

With our security model, you’re in full control of access to your system, and you can integrate it with your organization’s security policies. Our health dashboard lets you troubleshoot quickly.

All your data – right where you need it

Power Hub consolidates data from different sources and stores it in a version-based structured way for improved reporting and AI analysis. The synchronization of data to Power Hub is based on event triggers that enable real-time reporting capabilities.

Easy installation

Installing Power Hub can be done in a matter of hours. It can be installed on your own Azure tenant with a simple configuration process using the Azure Resource Manager, so you keep full control of your data and access management.

How Orifarm does PPM

The Orifarm Group is a dynamic international player in the healthcare business. Their vision of being the no. 1 in making healthcare a better deal brings tough requirements for any system handling the large and varied work they do: from R&D to Quality Assurance, production, manufacture, logistics, and more.
"Power PPM is a great tool letting us manage the entire lifecycle of projects in our company"
- IT Manager - Healthcare and Biotech

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