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With Agile Portfolio Management you're ready for change, able to pivot, and creating transparent communication across the organization. You want a PPM solution that gives you insight into what’s going on – and where you should take action.
How can we ensure that our portfolio is aligned with our organizational strategy? How can we prioritize and plan our portfolio in an agile context? How do we stay in the loop? How do we manage our resources? How can we ensure funding for our projects?
The answers to all these and even more questions are only one click away with our solution.

Connecting Strategy to every level

Keeping your organization tapped into strategy requires prioritizing your portfolio according to Objectives and Key Results, OKRs. This allows the freedom to stay focused while at the same time aligning the organization long term.

Power PPM lets you:

- Set and define OKRs
- Measure epics, features, initiatives, projects, and portfolios according to Key Results
- Collect data from multiple sources.
- Deliver solid reporting with the possibility to drill down and get insights.

Transparency at every stage

Capturing information at every stage is a great way to support decision-making.

- Capture ideas and initiatives from teams and measure them against your strategy.
- Define processes and milestones and show them in a Gantt chart.
- Visualize progress with data from multiple sources.
- Create a roadmap with dependencies integrated to know where to prioritize and allocate resources.

Apply adaptive resource management

Resources should be able to move around to where they can deliver the most value. With Team Planner, you can request named resources or resources with particular skill sets. People or a team can then be allocated by a line manager to get to work on a project. With a resource heatmap, you can get insights into resource distribution and potential bottlenecks.

Stay flexible in resource and capacity demand management and adjust as you go.

Visualize, Prioritize, and Align

The agile PMO should always know what’s coming up. A backlog of initiatives or business cases that can quickly be put into play keeps the entire organization agile. In Power PPM, you can use the Power Board to:

- prioritize and control your organization’s portfolios.
- Include programs, projects, and initiatives to continuously balance your investments.
- stay on top of the overall execution roadmap, financial consumption, risks, and much more.

There’s no such thing as “One tool to rule them all.”

Allow people to work the way they want

Agile means that the focus is on the result – not the way you get there. In a large organization, a solution that collects data from multiple systems and programs gives freedom and flexibility– and better results.

Power PPM collects data from multiple sources, ensuring that people can work the way they want and that the organization can get information about progress, status, and results.

Continuous experimentation

Agile portfolio management means trying new things, initiatives, or solutions. However, to increase agility, tools like What If can let you run small experiments to test the validity of different portfolio combinations.

- Evaluate financial feasibility: will you be able to afford the initiative? Will the project provide enough ROI?
- Check resource availability: do you have enough people available at the right point in time?
- Align with strategy: are we running the right projects to support our strategy
“Power PPM ensures a unified portfolio overview and simple access to company-wide portfolio reporting – in a modern wrapping and utilizing the best of the Microsoft platform”
“We are looking forward to getting an even better data quality surrounding our initiatives, as well as benefit-tracking, and then use it to aggregate it to portfolio level. This will give us an even better foundation for decision making.”
“Power PPM really is an amazing tool that provides an overview at any given time. The different ways of sorting, filtering, and making your own columns help a lot when we’re going through project statuses at team meetings”
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