The story of Projectum

Dec 2003

The idea of Projectum

As a result of the company they were working at going bankrupt, Peter Kestenholz, Bo præst Nielsen, Michael Speiser, and Carsten Nilsson decided to start on their own.
One day, they sat in Carsten Nilsson’s apartment until three in the morning, brainstorming names and coming up with a logo.
The name was Projectum, and it still is to this day. The logo was inspired by a milestone, pierced by speed lines to show the movement and ambition of the young company.
Mar 2004

Projectum is founded in Denmark

March 1st, Projectum becomes an official company - but with no office. So, we bought an extra computer and worked from the apartment of one of the founders. That’s how we got our first customers, focusing on traditional Microsoft consulting and courses.
april 2004

Projectum get the first real office

Peter, Carsten, Michael, and Bo renovate the office on their own.
April 2004

First customer

A lot of our first customers were companies who had been affected by the bankruptcy, but within one month, we had our first customer won under the Projectum name.
Sep 2004

First million DKK earned

august 2005

The first new employee is hired

may 2006

Projectum moves to bigger, better offices in Denmark

On Værløsevej 38, we have our own conference room for teaching and room for more employees.
jan 2007

Projectum wins Fighter of the Year from Microsoft

The prize is the Projectum logo on taxis in Copenhagen for an entire year.
april 2007

First offer to buy Projectum

Offer is rejected.
august 2007

Lene Labæk is hired as a receptionist

Projectum finds an old desk in a skip that Peter renovates, and it becomes Lene’s workstation.
Lene is still making Projectum go around.
sep 2007

Company goes to Rome with eight employees

It's excellent team building and creates a stronger company.
may 2008

Projectum goes to Macedonia to visit a company that designs viewers for project plans

Seavus Viewer and Projectum become partners.
august 2008

Second Projectum office opens. A Jutland department is opened on Brettevillesgade in Aalborg, Denmark.

may 2010

Projectum has another growth spurt and need bigger offices

The Copenhagen department moves to Værløsevej 40
sep 2010

Company trip to Barcelona

feb 2012

Peter Kestenholz is invited to the Project Web Access and Project  Advisory board

sep 2012

Company trip to Rome

may 2014

Microsoft conference, Phoenix, AZ

Peter Kestenholz & Carsten Nilsson travel to a Microsoft conference in Phoenix, where they show the software that will go on to become Team Planner.
june 2015

Projectum becomes Microsoft Partner of the Year

dec 2015

Projectum moves to Gladsaxe Company House with room for 50 people

august 2015

Projectum sells their financial module to Microsoft

The whole company travels to Seattle to visit Microsoft Headquaters.

Change in business model from consulting to product house

Projectum sets the goal that 25% of the revenue should be from product sales in 2021

Growth in Jutland means another move

A massive growth spurt means moving to bigger offices in the Jutland department.
sep 2016

Projectum shows off our good vibes

jan 2017

Global partner of the year


Projectum launces Power PPM and Present It

With the launch of Power PPM and Present It, Projectum truly cements its status as a product-focused company that delivers world-class solutions to difficult and complex business areas.
oct 2019

Projectum gets a new logo

As we move away from consulting and towards products, it's time to update the company slogan. It's about giving people the tools to take charge of how they work and modernize organizations.
Nov 2019

Projectum hosts the first Power PPM Summit

The Power PPM Summit has become a yearly tradition for Projectum. It's a chance to gather all our customers and people who are into PPM and SPM. We look at emerging trends and new technology and learn from cases.
It started in Copenhagen, but in 2024, we'll host a summit in 3 different countries: Denmark, Sweden, and The Netherlands.
jan 2020

Peter Kestenholz is accepted as a member of the Forbes Technology Council

Honouring his entrepreneurial spirit and great technological prowess, Peter is accepted to the Forbes Technology council.
march 2020

Projectum start our own Partner Reseller Program

jan 2021

Projectum is acquired by Broad Horizon

Today, it's called The Digital Neighborhood, and it's a community of 12 independent IT businesses that create growth and learning together.
feb 2021

Projectum launches Time for Teams and Power Hub

Time for Teams is the most user-friendly way to register time, directly from Microsoft Teams - or natively.
Power Hub is the revolutionizing data platform that take advantage of historical data to get more value from your information.

Projectum reaches 70 employees

march 2023

Projectum launches What If and AI offerings

What If is launched based on a wish from our customers: could there be a way to simulate on important decisions and easily visualize its impact on finances, strategy and resources? It wasn't easy but in March 2023 we launched What If.
Projectum was also the first to incorporate AI-capabilities in our PPM solution. Power PPM could now add AI-generated risks and get AI- generated suggestions for projects plans. And we've only expanded from there!
May 2023

Microsoft Solutions Partner, Specialist in Low Code Application Development

march 2024

Projectum celebrates the 20 year anniversary!

We all spend the day thinking of ways to grow Projectum in the future!
We're more knowledgable than ever. We've seen the industry change, new technologies emerge, and overcome challenges to get where we are.

Want to become part of Projectum's history?