The Digital Transformation: How Technology is Democratizing PPM

PMO & Governance
Strategic Portfolio Management
Monica Quarzago Sabroe
Chief Operating Officer

Strategic project and portfolio management becomes a lot easier with the right tools and technology. The digital transformation process isn’t something to fear, it’s a chance to sift through your processes, find improvements, and give greater agency to people in your organization.

Actually, with new technology - everyone can work with SPM/PPM!

Project and Portfolio management has always been a complex field. You have to understand methodologies, activate stakeholders, implement changes, collect and monitor data, and much more. All things that take a lot of time and resources.

That’s why digital transformation holds such promise. It doesn’t reduce the complexities of designing and implementing processes in your organization but it does make a lot of things easier. However, a lot of organizations still hold back because they're used to doing things a certain way.

But why hold back when you can do better?

PPM software solutions can alleviate the spreadsheet agony by collecting information, automating repetitive tasks, and make information more accessible.

We can spend our time on more important stuff!

At the heart of this, is the concept of democratization. No longer reserved for specialized project managers or dedicated PMO teams, PPM tools are now accessible to a broader audience, empowering people across the organization to contribute to project success. AI is another step in lowering effort and still achieving high impact.

As a PMO leader, Project Manager, Product Manager, or C-level executive, the benefits of embracing modern PPM technology are abundant.

A great PPM solution means that those people can…

Focus on Driving Change

The biggest challenge in digital transformation is change management. With SPM/PPM software you can automate routine tasks which gives you more time to foster the culture you’re aiming for. Bring on innovation and creativity!

You can also increase transparency in the organization across departments so people know what’s going on and where their input is needed.

Let's remember - at the end of the day, we still work with human beings, so let's free up time for that!

Empower The Team

Great PPM/SPM processes make it easier for everyone to understand the current status and actions. And the transition to a PPM tool doesn’t have to be difficult. With intuitive interfaces, built-in collaboration features, and AI-powered assistance, modern SPM/PPM solutions make it easy for team members to contribute to projects - regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Make Informed Decisions

With a digital PPM tool that collects your data in a single place, it becomes easier to get valuable insights. Real-time data from every level of the organization enables you to see the bigger picture, identify patterns, and spot dependencies.Whether it’s resource allocation, budget management, risk assessment, or strategic planning, informed decisions are what make the difference!

Adapt to Change

In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to adapt quickly to change is essential for success. PPM tools are designed to be flexible, configurable, and scalable, allowing you to easily adjust processes, workflows, and priorities in response to evolving business needs and market dynamics. Because everything is centralized, you can roll out changes much faster – and start collecting data immediately.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

By streamlining processes, eliminating redundant tasks, and automating workflows, PPM software helps drive efficiency and productivity across the organization. We want fewer manual data entries so we can lower the amount of mistakes and the need to double-check everything. With fewer manual interventions and less time spent on administrative overhead, teams can focus their energy on delivering value and achieving strategic objectives. In short: you let people do what they're good at!

Let's start the transformation

I've seen over and over how the democratization of SPM/PPM through advanced and easy technology has transformed how organizations can approach Strategy, Project, and Portfolio Management – and these days, that means the whole business.

So, in my opinion – we should take advantage of this and then use the time we free up for more creative fun and self-care for the world and each other – in that way, we will keep surviving - and contribute to sustainable workplaces!

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Monica Quarzago Sabroe
Chief Operating Officer

Monica is a strategic communicator and motivator that truly makes Projectum go round! She leads the modern workplace initiative at Projectum where improvement and development is always centered around people.

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