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Peter Kestenholz
Founder - Projectum

AI is another tool in your strategy toolbox; it’s not a thing you do. It’s a thing you use to do something else.

The results depend on your organizational strategy and how you use it. If you do it well, you can get high impact results with minimal efforts.

Defining your AI ambition

Most people use generative AI to produce more without worrying about whether they need to. The right AI strategy doesn’t necessarily mean creating more but creating the right thing – as with any strategy.

So, you’ve got your strategy, you know how you want to use it. The next step is ensuring a strong data foundation.

Since generative AI needs data, you should know where your data is, it should be accessible and ready to work with.

”If your data isn’t ready for AI, you’re not ready for AI”

If you have this, then there’s endless possibilities.

Think big – start small

I’ve been working with the Microsoft AI builder that lets you take advantage of generativeAI capabilities on your own data.

The AI builder is a turnkey solution that lets you create your own AI through a point-and-click interface. You don’t need coding or data science skills to get started with AI.

Still, with endless possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start.

I’ve found these six use cases are a great jumping-off point. They’re specific and easy to evaluate, so you can get comfortable with the way AI works and what benefits it can giveyou.


Generative AI is great for analyzing your current data and providing summaries, like a steering group summary, including issues and mitigation steps.



With the AI Builder you can capture ideation or pipeline data and create a complete SWOT analysis with a summary and recommendations.



The AI Builder can give you ideas for Key Results and supporting initiatives based on a description of your strategic objective.



Use AI Builder to summarize the overall portfolio progress and health based on real-time data.



Enhance gate decision and approval processes by including AI-created details from your project.



Use AI Builder to compare risks in the risk log against the project description. Get suggestions for which risks should be added.

Want to get your own AI-boost? 

At Projectum, we offer a three-day AI booster for the PMO.

With the AI-booster, you’re set to quickly identify, build, and release AI enablers for productivity and quality improvement in Power PPM

During the 3 days we take you through:

-       Introduction to Power Apps, AIPrompts, and AI Hub

-       Identifying the first use cases forPPM

-       Hands-on: Building the prompt and prompt library

-       Hands-on: Validating the output

-       Select and deploy validated AI enablers (prompts) for real-life testing, e.g. automated status reporting

-       Plan for more use cases and nextsteps


“I got good insights into how we, in my department, can use AI to improve efficiency and the quality of our work – and thereby support the decision-making processes even better than we do today."
Ann Andersen, Project andDevelopment Manager, Jespers Torvekøkken
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Peter Kestenholz
Founder - Projectum

Peter Kestenholz is a successful entrepreneur and business leader with 20 years of experience from founding and growing the company Projectum. Peter is a recognized Microsoft MVP for 13 years straight, Fast Track Architect for the second year in a row the second year and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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