In 2019, a new EU legislation made it mandatory for businesses to register all employees' working hours. Time for Teams is a proven and intuitive time registration tool, which meets all demands from the EU Working Time directive.
Record hours directly in Microsoft Teams
Manage users & define time periods
Distribute hours across weekdays
Create approval process for managers
Smart-copy hours from previous weeks
Insights with reporting & analytics

time tracking WITH 

Time for Teams makes time tracking easy.
Submit your timesheets, find relevant projects, and capture insights with advanced reporting possibilities.

configure it 
to your needs.

Time for Teams is made to grow with you.
Configure your users and the features you need.

Blog: From regulation to reward

This article provides an overview of the Working Time Directive from EU in 2019. Read this article to understand the challenges and benefits of the law and how Time for Teams can make it easy for your organization to stay compliant.


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