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Peter Kestenholz
Founder - Projectum

There’s no denying that 2023 was the year of AI, and it would be easy to think that 2024 was more of the same.

But we think it’s strategy that’s going to dominate.

Of course, there will be work to do to integrate new technologies into your business processes, but the PMO isn’t just about trends. It’s about the long-term considerations of getting your organization where it needs to go.

So, what’s the focus of 2024? At Projectum, we believe it’s these three pillars.

Strategy over technology

The faster technology moves, the more essential it is that your strategy is clear, strong, and actionable. There’s no point in getting somewhere quickly if you don’t know where that is.

2024 will be the year of strategy: setting a clear path with measurable results that can be used throughout the organization to determine initiatives and actions.

Agility over agile

The agile manifesto arose out of a frustration of rigid processes that didn’t fit the actual work being done. However, the methodologies born out of that risk having the same problems: adhering too strictly to agile methods can restrict rather than liberate you.

That’s why 2024 is about lowercase agility, not uppercase Agile. Finding out how to make your organization able to respond to change can – funnily enough – require a bit more governance. Monitoring changes and market conditions can be the solution to figuring out when it’s time to change course. Keeping this information centralized means you have the opportunity to align your organization and how to change course – It’s no use if one lifeboat is rowing away from the iceberg; you’ve got to turn the entire ship.

Transformation over information

The PMO is no longer just a hub for information; it’s where company transformation originates. The PMO is about enabling the strategy and finding new ways to do things. With all the data, you should be driving the action, identifying roadblocks and new opportunities. In 2024, the PMO should no longer just be passive collectors of data but catalysts for change.

Get ready for 2024

With AI, there’s a real opportunity to return to what the PMO does best. We’ve got the technology to streamline, automate, and produce results faster than ever before which means that human beings should be crystal clear in setting that direction. Until AI can do it for us, we still have to do the difficult job of creating strategy and making tough decisions. But with technology, 2024 has the potential to boldly go further than ever before.

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Peter Kestenholz
Founder - Projectum

Peter Kestenholz is a successful entrepreneur and business leader with 20 years of experience from founding and growing the company Projectum. Peter is a recognized Microsoft MVP for 13 years straight, Fast Track Architect for the second year in a row the second year and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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