Leading the Way: The Hybrid Organization

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Nobody goes to work looking to please the PMO.

While the PMO is responsible for creating the processes, methods, and portfolios that run the organization, there’s still work that needs to be planned, executed and reported on. At the core of this, is the people who do the actual work.

They don’t exist for the PMO. The PMO exists for them.

It is the job of the PMO to remove roadblocks and support people in achieving their goals – no matter the department, project, or team.

The new PMO

With the introduction of AI, it became apparent that most PMOs are barely holding on, let alone leading the development of the organization.

The traditional role of PMO and Portfolio Managers has been to adjust processes and focus on optimization.

In today’s world, this means becoming more adaptable than ever as the world turns to asynchronous and distributed ways of working. Across the globe, people work on the same projects, at different times with their own cultures, foci, and best practices. It’s impossible to keep up with every detail of every project, and, in reality, there is no need.

We’ve got tools for that.

The smart PMO knows this. They aren’t micromanaging. They’re going hybrid.

”The modern PMO and Portfolio Managers create new visions for the organization. They don’t respond to change. They lead it.”

The hybrid organization

In truth, all organizations are, in some way, hybrid. Being hybrid simply means that different departments or teams can work in different ways, independently of management.

For example, combining elements of a traditional corporate structure, such as stage gate models or waterfall with the more flexible agile approach.

A hybrid organization sounds complicated, but it’s not really.

The goal is to have the best of both worlds – having structure and stability to go for the bigger visions, while also being able to change and adapt quickly.

Bringing in the data

So, how do we let people do their thing and still know what’s going on?

Data is key.

The good Portfolio Manager will stay plugged in gathering data and information to drive the organization forward.

Data also bridges the gap between strategy and implementation. With the right PPM or SPM solution, it’s possible to measure the work being done against the overarching organizational strategy.

The trick is figuring out what data you need and how to collect it. The days of PMOs controlling and following up on unnecessary details in every project are in the past.

The right solution lets people work how they want and still keeps the PMO clued in. It is necessary to look at PPM tools that can provide real-time continuous data on time and resource allocation and collect it across multiple sources.

With the right data, the PMO sets the course for the entire organization.

Freedom is essential

More than ever, people are valuing their freedom. With hybrid, the goal is to allow people that freedom, spending less time adhering to processes that don’t fit them, so they can spend time on what they’re passionate about and ultimately make a difference for the organization.

Curious about a solution that supports the hybrid PMO?

Power PPM is a PPM and SPM software solution built specifically to support the hybrid PMO. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform with advanced reporting tools, it can connect to multiple systems and collect data from all the sources you need. Your employees get the freedom to work the right way – and the PMO gets all the information they need to safely lead the organization forward.

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