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PMOs spends a lot of money on tools to optimize strategy and make the organization run smoothly – it’s their job! Yet too often, we see the investment doesn’t quite pay off the way they might have hoped; the features don’t quite fit the workflow or people forget to use them, leaving the investment without a proper pay-off. However, with a little forethought, it is possible to get the full benefit of the tools you choose, not just making them work, but making them work for you.

1. They Define What They’re Looking For

Before choosing a tool, it’s important to be honest about what you actually need the tool to do, now as well as in the future. It seems obvious, but it’s a step where lots of people make mistakes. They get seduced by fancy requirements or try to get as many features as possible, rather than focusing on specific, beneficial requirements.

The real value is achieved when you find the tool that does exactly what you need it to do and does it well. Spending time figuring out these needs will ensure the longevity of the system. Basic requirements shouldn’t be overlooked either. How safe is the system and is it compatible with the rest of your toolbox?

2. They Give Ownership

No matter how well a system or tool is chosen, at some point, it will need to handle change. The organization may change the structure, new data may become relevant or a need for specific features arises.

Defining ownership beforehand and making sure one or more people are properly trained in maintaining and updating the system ensures that the system always runs as smoothly as possible.

Having clear ownership also means that the responsibility of maintenance tasks is clearly defined. This person can then perform necessary activities such as a monthly cleaning where old data is culled or oversee the removal of obsolete projects.

3. They Choose the Supplier that Gets It

Choosing a supplier isn’t just a matter of finding someone who has the features you’ve requested. The best supplier understands the organization and has inside knowledge of the industry. This allows them to identify unforeseen requirements and opportunities for improvements.

It’s worth investing in someone who delivers what you need in a way that is aligned with your organization’s current praxis. If your supplier understands your organization the tool is also more likely to be future proof as the development and new features will automatically align with market changes and new opportunities.

4. They Know Data is a Driver

Data isn’t everything, but almost. We’re seeing a rise in data production as more and more tools automatically produce or collate data. This means that corporations often have large amounts of data at their disposal. A good tool is not only able to handle and present these data, but also derive value from them and use them – preferably automatically.

5. They Understand that UX is Everything

There is a false assumption that good UX is something added to a tool, almost as an afterthought after features have been defined and implemented. UX is seen as something that is nice, but not necessary.

In reality, it is the opposite.

A good, useable user interface is the result of good user experience design. And UX is everything when it comes to tools. A good user experience means that people understand the tools and can see their value. We want people to use the tools and that only happens if they understand them and want to work with them.

So which tool is right for you?

The best tool is one that you and your organization want to use. Projectum Power PPM is project and portfolio management solution that caters to all levels of the organization and incorporates data from multiple tools. If you’re curious about our solutions, we’re always available for a free demo and any questions you might have.

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