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Mathilde Hoeg
Digital Communications Manager

The current trend in organizations is the increased focus on connecting strategy to work. Digital transformations are an ideal opportunity to rethink how strategies are planned and tracked in the organization.

The future is xPM

The best way to make your strategy come to life is by selecting the right work, projects, and initiatives. This will vary in magnitude, type, and execution methodology. That’s why we’re increasingly talking about xPM.
xPM fundamentally involves the orchestration of the collective work, strategically grouped in portfolios, and steering this orchestration towards achieving strategic objectives.
The xPM mindset encompasses all types of relevant work that is crucial for the execution and implementation of any given strategy.
In wave 1 2024, Projectum has released new features to support the strategic portfolio management mindset making it easier to map projects and portfolios to strategic initiatives.

Read on to find the latest wave news by product.

Power PPM

Power PPM is your end-to-end PMO solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform that gives organizations an overview of their initiatives, programs, and portfolios.

Wave 1 includes the following updates:

  • Improved printing and formatting:
    • better layout and auto-fitting to selected print
    • include custom logo
    • available for Power Gantt and Power Roadmap
  • Follow up on progress with actuals on resource heatmap
  • Bottom-up resource management through power roadmap
    • See assignments across initiatives and programs
  • Adjustable resource capacity per configuration – on Power Roadmap and Power Gantt
  • Read-only Mode
    • Better Gantt features
  • Print
  • Links from program tasks
  • Resource heatmaps
  • Task formatting
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What If

What if is our Portfolio simulation tool that allows you to balance portfolios according to budget, strategy, and resources.

We’ve added a feature to let you

  • Reset your scenario with the latest information
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Team Planner

Team Planner is your smart resource demand management solution that provides a clear overview and actionable insights into resource allocation.

After wave 1, you can now

  • Move a contract to another project
  • Add work profile holidays from a library
  • Export all views to Microsoft Excel
  • Control which projects and resources are synched into Team Planner from Power PPM
  • Filter resources based on inactivity
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Time for Teams

Time for Teams is the user-friendly time-registering solution that integrates with your Microsoft Team Platform. With the new EU laws, now is an excellent time to invest in good time registration software that can create reports and generate insights into work patterns.

With wave 1, we’ve improved on perfect by

  • Upgrading UI
  • Release notes viewer
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Present It

With Present It, you can build scheduled, automated, or manual flows to create any type of standardized status report directly in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, using real-time data.

Wave 1 has added the following features to Present It

  • New button control for a better user experience when triggering a flow on a form in Power PPM. Configure things like
    • Button and dialogue text
    • Color
    • Alignment
    • Dropdown representing lookup field
    • Loading text

Power Hub

Power Hub is the preferred data platform for enterprise analytics, setting you up for reporting, advanced analytics, snapshots, and historical trends. It's unique because it lets you generate a snapshot of your data from any current or past point in time.

Wave 1 has improved Power Hub by

  • Adding Custom URL support
  • Improved support for external Entra/AAD users in upgrade scenarios
  • Optimized nightly maintenance resource consumption
  • New logo + source logos
Add Custom URL with Power Hub

Setting you up for the future

With the complete Projectum suite of products, you can drive strategy based on data and get the full insights into project status, strategy, and resources - and create future scenarios that let you hit exactly the targets and goals that make sense for your organization.

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Mathilde Hoeg
Digital Communications Manager

With a background in IT and Project Management, the one thing that really stuck is her love for communication. She helps tell the Projectum story, sharing how our products can improve processes in your organization.

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